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Ecole Airdrie Middle School's mission is to engage all learners through meaningful and challenging experiences, preparing them to understand, adapt and successfully contribute to our changing global community.


I know many of you look at PowerSchool to see your child's marks, and this is a fantastic way to stay current with student achievement.  If you require login information, please contact us right away.  PowerSchool marks are generally updated every 2 weeks by teachers. Your child’s teacher will be in touch with you electronically about student assignments and tests. Please make sure we have your contact information.  In middle school, marks can swing very quickly when assignments are not handed in.  Our goal is to help students organize their time in such a way that they are completing their required assignments on time.  I encourage you to weekly sit down with your child and take a look at their teacher's web page, and their Powerschool site as this will give you great insight to what they are doing at school academically.

Personal Digital Devices

We encourage our students to bring personal devices to school to support their learning.  We need students to follow some guidelines while using technology in school. This is just a reminder that students can not use the camera function at school without the specific permission of a teacher.  Privacy is extremely important and taking pictures of friends at school is not a good idea especially given the way pictures can be used online if posted.  Students are directed to store cell phones in lockers during class time. This is to reduce distraction during class time. Thanks for your understanding.

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