Safety Sites for Students and Parents

By: Shawna Muise Gr. 7
This website is great for kids to learn about how to stay safe on the internet. You can learn about internet safety guidelines, or something more specific such as hacking or computer viruses. The text used in the website is easy enough for kids to understand the concept.
This website includes games for kids to play while learning different ways to stay safe on the internet. Games is a great way to learn about internet safety because you can enjoy yourself while learning.
This website includes different workshops for kids to understand and learn about how important is it to stay safe while using the internet. This website also includes tips for Parents and Gaurdians to teach their children about internet safety.
Great website for kids to learn about different unsafe things that could happen while using the internet. They discuss different websites such as Facebook, on how to stay safe while using these wbsites.
This website may be easier for older children to understand, or for adults to explain to children. The topic discussed in on this website is "Internet Safety Laws", which is very important to know while using the internet.

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