High School Preparation

It's good to have some guidelines and generalized dates in mind for high school preparation. If you have any questions please ask me as forms for options, exact dates and timelines to hand things in and to know which class your child is enrolled in may change. March-April -High School tours both during the school day and in the evening for parents occur -After tours forms are expected to be in to high schools quickly to ensure courses that are preferred as secured for students May - June -Transition meetings between counsellors, CDA's, and administration occur in order to create class lists, recommendations on programming, and inclusion of student strengths are considered in registration for courses -end of June, Bert Church provides what courses students have been enrolled in for their option courses, in gr. 9 students stay with their homeroom for most core courses August -end of August is reserved for students that may require some extra time to get adjusted to school and perhaps visit their locker, classes, teachers, or the high school counsellors with their parents and even with myself

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