8-1 LA homework

Dec. 8 ,2016

Why I Fight...quote and puzzle piece......Paragraph is due explaining your choice.  Please do on Google classroom.   Also make sure you have answered the comprehension questions 7-12 in complete sentences.  Today we worked in pairs to complete a worksheet on IDIOMS and WHO SAID WHAT  ---all from the novel the "Outsiders"


We are still continuing with our novel study of "The Outsiders".  We have just finished chapter 8.  The students will have a spelling test on the words on Tuesday Dec. 6.  The words are: TESTIFY,GRIM,APPARENT,CONVICTION,SCOWL,FIEND,


There will also be a quiz next week regarding the meaning of the words.


Nov. 9 ,2016

T.U.F.F posters due tomorrow.  Chapter 1/2 comprehension questions due.  Began discussion on chapters 3 and 4.  Themes: stereotyping, family

Oct. 21,2016

We focused today on Reading Comprehension.  Each student was given a story at their reading level with questions.  Their big PERSONALITY PROJECT is due on Monday , Oct. 24/2106.  We will be beginning a new unit of study next week.  It is a novel study called " The Outsiders" .  If you have a reluctant reader, it is often benificial if one of the parents read the novel as well and engage the child in discussions at home.

Oct. 13, 2016

Bucket list is due tomorrow.  They need to submit it in an original, creative , neat format.  TOMORROW is day 4.....accountability.  ALL students with missing assignments are to be here with a lunch to complete their missing work.

Spelling test is Firday, (tomorrow.)..they have the list of words and worksheets with them to study.

Students were given their copy of the unit final project.  MY PERSONALITY PROJECT: is a green coloured sheet.  There are 5 components to it: a selfie with basic personal data.; An inspirational quote and what it means to them ( in paragraph from) ; Memory Letter- friendly letter format ; An important Event in your life: top 10 favourite things list.   Each of these assignments need to be presented in a creative, original format with visuals. The full project is due Friday , Oct.21, 2016.  Class time will be given, but not all classes will be used to work on the projects.  Students made need to collect "stuff" from home or the dollar store to create something unique to them.

Oct. 5, 2016

We have been working on our IDENTITY UNIT.  The students have reviewed some basic grammar skills and how to write a simple sentence and a simple paragraph.  They have done a variety of projects which are graded on included on Power School.   The following assignments are already graded and completed ( unless their mark is showing a NHI - means "not handed in") 1. Who Am I poem on head silloute 2.  who am I paragraph  on google classroom.

Awaiting to be marked on the following projects: 1.  Where I'm From - Poem    2. My 6 Word Memoir poster and paragraph - submit on google classroom.

Presently the students are working on their BUCKET LIST.  This needed to be in a visual format creatively presented  AND  a "breakdown " of the cost to do one of their activities.  This is DUE : Oct.12

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