Mr. Boyd

I presently teach grade 6-8 Physical Education to all EAMS students.

I can be reached at: jboyd

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Yvonne Paschalis
Hello families and community friends. I am proud to be your school Counsellor and strive to support all families and students, through my specialty. I come to you from a teaching background and a Masters of Counselling Psychology. My passion is to support students in enhancing their school, peer, and personal experiences. This approach involves small group opportunities, class presentations for skill building, workshops and presentations for the entire school, whole class volunteer efforts, and one on one support. From time to time your child may be invited to some of these small group opportunities for relationship building, communication skills, making friends, and guys and girls circles. You can also inquire with me about the skills you would like to strengthen for your child and we can find a place for them. On this page I provide you with services in your community. They include current events to consistently available outreach service centers. If you cannot find a type of service for mental health, wellness, assessment, parenting strategies, high school registration, and grade 5 to 6 transition please contact me.
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