6-3 Social Studies Homework

May 30: Chapter 7 test on Thursday, June 9

May 18: Charter of Rights and Freedoms pamphlet due Thurs. May 26.  Constitutional Rights and Story Mapping Question sheet due, Fri. May 27

May 3: Provincial Government PowerPoint due on Friday, May 13.  Provincial Government Unit Test Monday, May 9.

March 16: Local Government Unit Exam, Wednesday, March 23.

March 14: How are Local Governments Elected sheet is due tomorrow, March 16

March 10: Local Government Organizational Chart, complete with 5 categories are due on Monday, March 14.

March 8: Curfew Booklet will be due on Thursday, March 10

Feb. 4: Iroquois Peace Tree Project will be due Tues. Feb. 23.

Feb. 2: Over to You questions 1, 2, and 3 on pg. 95 are due tomorrow.

Feb. 1: The unit test for Iroquois Confederacy will be on Thursday, Feb. 11.

Jan. 15: Wampum quiz on Tuesday, Jan. 19.  Comparison sheet between Ancient Athenian Women and Iroquois Women is due on Monday, Jan. 18.

Jan. 13: There will be a unit final tomorrow on Ancient Athens.  Students have study guides to guide them.

Jan. 6: Is Ancient Athens a Good Example of Democracy Over to You Questions (pg. 71) is due tomorrow, Jan. 7

Jan. 5: Happy New Year!  The Athenian Journal Assignment will be due on Friday, Jan. 8.  The Ancient Athens Unit Test will be on Thursday, Jan. 14.

Dec. 15: There will be a quiz on the More about Democracy in Ancient Athens and Even More about Ancient Athens democracy hand-outs on Thursday, Dec. 17.

Dec. 10: There will be a quiz on the Democracy in Ancient Athens booklet, on Tuesday, Dec. 15 (pg. 54-60 in the textbook).  Primary Sources research assignment is due on Wednesday, Dec. 16.

Nov. 4; How Can People Make a Difference Thinking it Through Questions on pg. 49 are due Friday, Nov. 6.

Nov. 3: How Does Democracy Suport the Rule of Law questions due Wednesday, Nov. 4.  This does not include the Detecting Bias worksheet on the other side of the page. Democracy in Action Unit Test (chapter 2) will be on Friday, Nov. 13.

Oct. 26: Democracy and Participation Questions (Thinking it Through pg. 35) are due tomorrow as our the Contributing to Community Questions.  There will be a quiz on Thursday, Oct. 29.  The quiz will be on Individual and Collective Rights as well as any important terms found on pgs. 28- 35

Oct. 15: Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms Lesson Questions booklet is due on Monday, Oct. 19.

Oct. 14: Our Rights and Responsibilities worksheet due tomorrow

Sept. 30: Chapter 1 Test, Friday, Oct. 2.  Students have been given a study guide.  Be sure to study your Words Matter chart as well.

Sept. 4: Continued Textbook Scavenger Hunt.  No homework today.  Have a great long weekend!

Sept. 3: Began Textbook Scavenger Hunt.  No homework today.  Be sure to bring binder, textbook, pencil to each class.

Sept. 2:  Welcome Back 6-3s!  No homework today

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