Coaches Needed!

Our students in grade 6, 7 and 8 are looking forward to the opportunity to participate and compete and coaches are needed.  What do you need to volunteer?

  • A current police record check. Please ask at our office for the necessary paper work.
  • Availability:  to come to the school to coach and to attend competitions.
  • A desire to contribute positively to the lives of young people in our school community.
  • Knowledge of sport is helpful and our PE staff will provide support

Please contact Marc Barber at 403-948-5969 or

Below is a list of the teams that we are hoping to offer our students along with their projected tournament dates. Please let Mr. Barber know if you are interested in coaching any of these specific teams (or know of someone who may be).

Jr. A Boys Volleyball (Sept. 29, Oct. 13, Oct. 20, Oct. 24) - URGENT!
Jr. A Girls Volleyball (Sept. 29, Oct. 13, Oct. 20, Oct. 26) - URGENT!
Gr. 6 Soccer (mixed) (Sept. 29) - URGENT!
Gr. 6 Boys Volleyball (Nov. 3)
Gr. 6 Girls Volleyball (Nov. 3)
Jr. B Boys Volleyball (Nov. 17, Nov. 24, Dec. 1)
Jr. B Girls Volleyball (Nov. 17, Nov. 24, Dec. 1)
Jr. A Boys Basketball (TBA, Jan. 11, Jan. 19, TBA)
Jr. A Girls Basketball (TBA, Jan. 11, Jan. 19, TBA)
Gr. 6 Boys Basketball (Feb. 9)
Gr. 6 Girls Basketball (Feb. 9)
Jr. B Boys Basketball (Mar. 2, Mar. 9, Mar. 16)
Jr. B Girls Basketball (Mar. 2, Mar. 9, Mar. 16)
Gr. 7 Badminton (Apr. 26)
Gr. 8 Badminton (Apr. 24)
Gr. 7 Track and Field (May 17)
Gr. 8 Track and Field (May 23)
More detailed information about the league can be found on the RVSA website.
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